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Old Man of the Mountain 

Pen and Ink by Stephen Hall

Beginners digital drawing lesson video

How to draw a simple sphere (green apple). Add shading and color to create the three dimensional shape. 

Advanced Digital drawing lesson

How to draw a traditional pencil drawing using a laptop computer and digital tablet. 
This lesson demonstrates how computer drawing is very similar to traditional drawing.
The video is recorded in HD wide screen format and runs just under 6 minutes.  Turn on your speakers to maximize the effect. Play the video at your maximum screen size to see the detailed pencil on digitally textured paper.
The equipment used for this drawing is a Wacom Cintiq 12 inch drawing tablet, running ArtRage software, powered by 64 bit Windows 7 with a hardware accelerated video card.
If you were to duplicate this exercise with traditional methods, you will need textured drawing paper, a soft dark pencil, a soft eraser,  a compass for drawing the circles. The colored backgrounds would be watercolor.

Hope you enjoy the lesson.
Stephen Hall


Video created by Stephen Hall using video capture software and script playback from the ArtRage software.  

Drawing by Stephen Hall