Review Process For Potential Members

All artists are required to have their work juried prior to being accepted as members. The jury committee will meet monthly to review the work of applicants for membership. While it is our goal to help area artists become profitable, the success of the Gallery depends on marketability of the product. The jury process helps to ensure a sales mix that will benefit all artisans. All items submitted must be the work of the applying artisan(s). No resale products will be considered unless the item is incorporated into or sold as part of the finished product. All product displayed in the gallery must be for sale unless the item is part of a gallery sponsored show.

1. Three pieces of each media to be juried, a completed Membership Application / Product Description form (Included in this package) and annual dues payment should be left at the Gallery prior to the monthly meeting.

2. Things we will consider while reviewing your product:
A. Quality-Does the product reflect high quality in the materials used, craftsmanship and presentation.
B. Need for this type of product at this time- based on product mix, seasonality, and the Gallery’s ability to properly display the product.

3. The jury committee will notify you of the results of your product review.
A. If your product meets Gallery requirements and space is available for new members you will be invited to join immediately. You must respond to the invitation to join by the last day of the month in which you were juried by sending your membership fee to The ARTS Gallery at 28 Main St. Lisbon, NH 03585 and signing up for an empty time slot to staff the gallery. Instructions will be sent showing how to sign up online or you may sign up at the gallery.
B. If space is not available at the time, you will have the option of being placed on our waiting list and will be notified when appropriate display space does become available. .
C. If your product does not meet the Gallery’s requirements the committee will provide you with a critique of your work via the Jury Review Form.

Artists Responsibility

All member/artists are required to staff the Gallery  a minimum of one full day or 2 half days per month. Should you find that you are unable to meet your obligation it is your responsibility to find a replacement from our member/volunteer list. Artists who continually are unable to meet their monthly staffing obligation or fail to pay their annual dues within 30 days of the due date will be removed from membership and asked to remove their product from the Gallery. All membership dues are non-refundable.