Items from Jan 2013 Show at the ARTS Gallery  

Wool and Wonder

Judy Brubaker

PO Box 214
Franconia, NH 03580
Non-member showing Jan-Feb 2013

 "Creating wearable art for the future from pieces with a past"

Judy Brubaker received a BA in Journalism and Art with a MA in Teaching. After her schooling, she dabbled in painting and held a position as Museum Curator before settling down to married life in a rustic cabin where she devoted all of her energies to raise four daughters.

During those long days at home, Judy prayed for guidance to discover some art form that would fit into their lifestyle of limited space, children every where, no running water, no phone or electricity.

Having been told by a psychic that she had a way with crystals and that she should work with them, Judy accepted a gift from a friend of a beautiful amethyst crystal.  Another friend turned her on to a source for Arkansas Quartz. She ordered a boxful along with some silver wire and a jewelry business was born.

Thirteen years later, crystals and gemstone beads still form the bulk of her work, but she now enjoys mixing manmade objects as well such as old watch parts, antique glass and metal beads, door plates, keys, curlers and drawer pulls. 

"There's power in this act of creation and power in the choice to wear a certain piece at a certain time." Judy has a feeling of pride when she stops to realize that thirteen years of her creations are being used daily in this way, to help the wearer feel powerful, grounded or silly, tranquil, beautiful, prosperous or daring. But, best of all it's fun!

Judy is available to create one of a kind pieces from your materials. Beach glass, keepsake rocks, single earrings or parts of old jewelry can be combined with new materials to make something beautiful and useful.