Jennifer Liang

PO Box 545
Franconia, NH, 03680

Mixed Media and Functional Artist

President of Ammonoosuc Region Arts Council (ARAC)

Jennifer Liang  DOB 03-03-1975

Jennifer resides in Franconia, NH and works full time as a substance abuse counselor and psychoeducation group facilitator for Vermont Department of Corrections at St. Johnsbury Probation and Parole.

Jennifer started exploring her style of mixed media art as a form of self-care on days that were stressful at work. She has since done classes for those who lead stressful and sometimes overwhelming lives as well as to those who want to learn how to artfully doodle. Jennifer enjoys helping others see their potential in all areas of their life.


Artist Statement

I work on and in a medium that I can make into an artful design. Working mainly with shapes and patterns I create a new way of looking at the world. What shapes and colors I choose to work with in a piece depends wildly on my mood. My drawings range from enthusiastically whimsical to dark and emotional. Integrating the world of organic lines with the soft flow of wax is places that bring me peace. Encaustic work is a medium that movies me forward in my artistic experience and I long to share that with the world.