Frances Knoernschild

40 Court Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
*member since October, 2002 

Frances Knoernschild started her art career by drawing at the Arts Students League in New York City. She then moved into the commercial art field by studying textile design at Fashion Institute of technology in Manhattan. Her minor in weaving turned out to be her profession for ten years. She worked as a weaver in a small Brooklyn Heights studio in the fashion industry. The woven cloth was made into one of a kind coats, sweaters and jackets.

Frances then made the big move to northern New Hampshire where she tried her hand at many different jobs. Frances then put aside her craft for ten years to raise two girls. Finding more time as the girls grew, she started weaving once more and delved into her true passion, painting with oils. She chose to take classes.

Now, Frances spends all of her free time painting realistic still life, experimenting with different surfaces, always trying to capture the real light and shadow.

Fran recently held one of the most well received feature artist exhibits in Gallery history. Her opening reception was very well attended and the show resulted in a record number of purchases being made. She is truly one of our most prolific and well respected members of the co-operative.