Alicia Waite Beck

521 Brickyard Road
Littleton, NH 03561
Brickyard Studio
*member since July, 2006

A first for our gallery, Alicia is half of a very talented painting household. Her husband, Clayton, is featured on another page. Both artists work primarily in oils and are inspired by their surroundings. Each have their particularly favorite subjects and unique style. 

Alicia Waite Beck was born in and grew up in the seacoast area of New Hampshire however she has resided in the North Country for the past 29 years. Throughout childhood and her early twenties she studied various art mediums from pencil drawings, pen and ink,pastels, acrylic and oil paintings both formally and independently.  She has always aspired to be an artist, though her twenty five years as a speech/language pathologist has prevented her from being as prolific with her art work as she would have liked to have been. 

She enjoys doing multiple art mediums but has chosen to pursue oil painting more intensively throughout the past thirty years. Alicia's favorite subjects are landscapes, flowers, animals and people which reflect the beauty of creation.

Currently, she is devoting her energies to her painting and involvement with the art community. Her paintings are on display at our gallery as well as WrenOvation in Bethlehem. Please check back  for more photographs of Alicia's work in the near future.